Air purification DisINfection Unit

HEPA Filter with UV Sterilization. Filters airbourne particles and kills viruses with multi-layer system within unit. Suited for treatment room up to 70 sqm.

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aerosals and Droplets suction

For use specifically at your dental chairside for suction of aerosals and droplets vapours whilst you treat your patients. Safety to you, your dental assistant and patients.

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Autoclavable isolation gowns

Prevent micro-organism transfer with splash-proof isolation gown during treatments. Disinfect and sterilized up to 100 times with medical grade gowns.

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Planmeca Digital solutions

Planmeca Intra-oral x-rays is one of the world’s most reliable and established companies for x-ray imaging, dental units and CAD/CAM. With integrated technologies focusing from start to finish for your patient treatment. 

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Chairside Intral-oral X-rays

Digital small x-rays (pericipal) taken at dental unit chairside in high-quality from Planmeca. Streamlined with the intra-oral plate scanner. Provide your patient with instant digitalized small x-rays to your dental unit screen to reduce treatment timings.

3D CT Scan and 2D Panoramic X-rays

One of the world’s most advance and versatile digitalized x-rays for 2D panoramic and celpholometric x-rays with optimal low dose to patients. Its 3D CBCT Scans support all panoramic, extraoral bitewing, and cephalometric imaging.

Dental Units

Dental Care Units

Designed to provide the best possible treatment experience for patients and dentists. Infection control and clean water are essential to the design and development of our dental care units.

Intraoral Dental Scanner

Take digital impression without the need for plaster based moulds. The intraoral scanner enables digital files to be sent to your digital dental lab technician for better precision teeth works and customization.


Digital dental mill

Chairside Dental Milling

Planmeca PlanMill is a single-spindle dental milling unit that enables highly precise fabrication of dental restorations including crowns, veneers, up to 6-unit bridges and hybrid abutment crowns. Allows same day convenience.


3D dental printer

3D Printer

Add 3D printing to your practice with Planmeca Creo® designed specifically for dentistry. Print surgical guides, dental models and aligner bases easily and in a fraction of the usual time.


P-I simply improves the quality of life of professionals and patients. By re-thinking products, techniques and technologies, treatments are complete and safe, exactly how our founder and Osseointegration pioneer, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, envisioned and idealized.

morse taper

Morse Taper

Our Implants combine geometric characteristics associated with specific surgical protocols allowing for easier and simplified application. They provide maximum bone contact, high stability with a balanced torque.



The last creation of Professor P-I Brånemark, the Hybrid Functional Implants exhibit eccentric apical chambers responsible for increased bone neoformation.

External Hexagon

External Hexagon

Developed by Ospol® Sweden and in clinical use since 2006, the Solid Hybrid Implants feature contemporary designs and an advanced Morse Taper Interface.

Dental All (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Dental All is a subsidary of Thailand’s leading dental supply company, Dental Vision. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, we have been servicing dentists and their practices for over 20 years. With over 90 field sales consultants and equipment specialists, we source the reliable equipments and materials need for your dentistry practice needs.

Whether you are a startup or an established dental care practice, we are accessible to you. We are committed to bringing you only quality base and valued offers. Beause we specialize only in dental supplies, we have the experience, know-how and we understand what is required for your dental practice.

With full support given to us from overseas suppliers primary source, we find the solutions for you.