Modern Morse Taper

Easy, Safe and Simplified Installation (!)

  • Conical Drills have the same Implant geometry
  • Only 2-3 Drills to install Implants Ø3.75
  • No pilot drill, counter sink or screw tap required

High Primary Stability. Balanced Torque

  • Hybrid macro geometry
  • Conical apex | Parallel body | Slightly conical coronal flange

Short Implants from 6 mm

  • Ø3.75 and 4.8

Cortical Preservation Potential

  • Micro Threads up to the platform flange
  • Better stress distribution to tissue and higher coronal strength

(!) See Surgical Sequence.

Microbiological Sealing

  • Absence of leakage and micromovement
  • Efficient Morse seating of Components including during provisionalization
  • Very stable and strong Interface

Superior Esthetic Results

  • Platform Switching and Micro Threads in all diameters
  • Concave emergence Components to enhance esthetics
  • Increased biological width
  • Better hypothesis for cortical bone preservation and soft tissue maintenance

High Preload Screw

  • Low friction biocompatible coating
  • Sealing and complete seating of Components
  • Same Screw for all Components*

Prosthetic Reversibility

  • Retriever reverses sealing without stressing tissue
  • Hexagonal indexation

Multi Platform

  • Use of any Component on any Implant
    More Component diameter options for all Implant platforms

Placement Oriented by Biological Width. Flexible Positioning

  • Ideal positioning oriented by tridimensional biological width
  • Possible placement slightly below crestal margin or further submersion*
  • Conical Interface of 17°

Mountless Installation

  • Insertion Driver with biological width, esthetic and dimensional references
  • Same Driver for handpiece, manual use and Torque Wrench
  • One Driver for all Implants

* Please verify available prosthetic Components and consider clinical anatomic limitations and requirements prior to Implant placement.


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