External Aerosals and Droplets Suction Unit

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External Suction for Aerosals and Droplets


High volume external suction unit to remove droplets, aerosols sprays, blood and dust produced during treatment. The unit has UV and plasma sterilization system that kills germs and viruses, reducing the risks of attaching to you as the dentist and your dental assistant.


  • Ultra-strong and high volume suction power. Suction power is ten times the central negative voltage Medical grade filtration system with 2 layer.
  • HEPA and activated carbon filters to stop virus and germs.  
  • UV light disinfection system that kills all viruses and germs in the filter.
  • Precise water vapour filtration system in inner equipment and suction outlet.
  • Minimal noise with air-right gody to prevent dirty air from leaking.
  • Rasied movable arm for dust avoidance. Enables cleanliness and patient comfort.

Air Purifier that Disinfects and Kills Germs

Enquire more on medical grade Air Purifier that can filter and kills viruses at your dental practice to protect you and your patients.


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